Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

While the fundamental purpose of a garage is to keep the cars locked in, it is also a point of entry to your household. Therefore, maintaining the doors to your car-port in a regular and effective manner is of high importance. This guide looks into four such steps that you can follow, namely; inspection, service, cleaning and repair that will ensure the entrance to your garage works at its best for a long time.

Inspection and testing

Start by inspecting the structure for any signs of complications by operating it repeatedly and keep your ear out for any squeaky noises it may make. Observe the movement of the gate along the track as well. If it’s not smoothly rolling along the track and looks wobbly, then there is probably an issue. Such inspections must be carried out at least twice a year.

Next you should perform a few safety tests to see if the unit is functioning smoothly. Firstly, break the connection between the opener and the door, so that you can manually handle it. Try lifting it up halfway and releasing it. If it slides down freely without staying in place, then there is an imbalance. You should hire experts who offer sectional garage door maintenance in Sydney who will inspect it further and come up with solutions.


Different components in the garaged door mechanism requires servicing every once in a while, and you can do the needful by yourself very easily. The door seals serve the primary purpose of protecting your vehicle and the inside of the room from external elements such as dust, water and snow. However, it also keeps vermin such as rats and snakes from slipping into the garage. You can raise the door and remove the worn-out U-shaped weather seal by loosening one end and pulling. Once removed, clean the surface of the gate and fix the new weather seal.

The chains and belts that are the working components behind the movement of the gate must be tightened and lubricated to just the right level to extract maximum efficiency.


Although this goes without saying, many homeowners overlook the importance of this step. A well washed and cleaned garage door will certainly look good, but it will also remain sturdy and functional for long time, instead of rotting internally and dying out way too soon. Wooden doors must be washed and dried with a piece of cloth. While cleaning, inspect the surface for any signs of insect damage or faded pant due to exposure to the sun. Holes can be patched with wood filler, sanded off and repainted to look seamless. Vinyl doors must be rinsed well with a hose and dried off with a microfiber cloth.


This job should almost always be delegated to the professionals, because a single wrong tweak from your hands might lead to a much more serious problem that will a lot harder to fix. Replacing the garage door battery or the light bulb are relatively simple and you will have no trouble performing on your own, however, more serious jobs like fixing a stuck wheel or adjusting the unit’s opening and closing speed must be done with professional assistance. Therefore, do not hesitate to call your go-to handyman or repairman for the task.