6 Ways You Can Make a Home Look New

6 Ways You Can Make a Home Look New

Although you love your home, it’s pretty old. Bring it to the 21st century with the following tips. Read ahead if you want to learn more.

Remove the Wallpapers

If your home is very old, it may have wallpaper on its walls. These days, wallpapers have gone out of style. Get rid of them and have a more muted colour painted on your walls. Chic colours haven’t and probably will never go out of style.

Think about having a dark accent wall – navy blue is good. The rest can be white.

Get New Appliances

Something that would tell anyone that you’re living in an old house would be the appliances in the kitchen. Know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so updating its appliances would drive property value up.

When swapping the units, make note of the aesthetic of the kitchen. There may be a colourscheme. You’re advised to stick to it.

Have an Open Floor Plan

Just like wallpapers aren’t in anymore, neither are closed floor plans. If you take a look at the properties built recently, you’d see that walls are kept to a minimum. More light would be able to enter, and the interior would look bigger.

Thankfully, closed floor plans aren’t hard to deal with. You’re advised to hire a team to tear the walls down yourself. But you may be able to do the job yourself.

Clean Your Walkway

Although super tough, concrete gets stained. The walkway to your home may have been made from the material. It being very stained would let people know that your property is not new.  As the walkway leads to your home, it being discolouredalso affects curb appeal.

Cleaning it would be relatively cost-effective. However, youwon’t be able to clean ityourself – you need special tools. Large names like Robson concreting services are the best to work with, as you’d get the most bang for your buck.

Remove the Carpets

Similar to the above point, the carpet inside the home may be stained. Don’t clean it. Instead, completely remove it. You probably have beautiful hardwood floors underneath. Why aren’t you showing them off?

Get the wood polished. This would help bring out their features. If there are tiles underneath, regular polishing would be needed as well.

Improve the Lighting

New houseshave superb lighting. Adding more fixtures and bulbs would help. Light fixtures come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can get them in super chic options, which would make the interior look more modern.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap all of the points up. There are several things you could do if you want to transform an older house. Probably the best would be to get rid of any wallpaper. No one uses wallpaper anymore – it’s trapping the property in the 20th century. With the bare walls, you can place more dark or muted colours. They would look the chicest. From the lot, dark blues are currently the most in trend.