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Cork Floorboards: A Different Experience

With such a large number of various sorts of floorboards accessible, picking the correct kind for your house isn’t simple. Regardless of whether your need is capacity or style, there’s a floorboard available to suit each room in your home. 

What is a cork Floorboard? 

The cork is a characteristic and sustainable material. It’s reaped from the bark of cork oak trees, which are local to Spain, Portugal, and Tunisia, and have been utilized in development for a considerable length of time. It’s picked up prevalence in the United States as a ground surface material due to its toughness, magnificence, “green” characteristics and another one of kind qualities. 

Cork floorboards are an amazing choice to adorn your floors, so check out some of the cork floorboards Bellarine. Some of the features of cork are as follows:


 It opposes breaking and scraped areas and is impermeable to gas and fluid. Cork flooring additionally skips back, so spaces brought about by furniture won’t be changeless. When appropriately kept up, the cork ground surface can most recent 40 years or more. 


Cork is normally impervious to form, buildup and termites. It’s additionally against microbial. Cork flooring doesn’t shed or off-gas microfibers to harmfully effect indoor air quality. 


Fire-safe, then the cork will liquefy or light just at high temperatures. Previously and during ignition, cork creates less smoke and discharges far less lethal material than vinyl flooring. 


A cork floor gives an affable pad beneath since it “gives” when packed. The cork is likewise a typical warm and acoustic separator, which means rooms with cork flooring are normally warm and calm. 

Stylishly versatile

Cork flooring is available in boards and tiles in many styles, types, and dimensions. Use sheets to make a basically predictable looking floor or use tiles in single or subbing tones to have a nontraditional effect.


Unlike vinyl, the example and shade of the cork infiltrate the thickness of the material, so they’re held as it wears. This protracts the usable existence of the ground surface. 

As a structure material, the cork has a minimal negative effect on the earth. The collecting rehearses are feasible, for a certain something. A tree must be 25 years of age before its bark can be reaped; from that point forward, cork can be gathered each eight to 14 years without murdering the tree. Cork trees can live up to 800 years, however, the regular life expectancy is 150 to 200 years. 

Another advantage is, the assembling procedure for cork flooring creates no waste. Truth be told, cork flooring is a result of the assembling of cork corks for wine bottles. The residuals from the cork creation are gathered and finely grounded. To hold the ground cork together, binders are added to it. The shade is then added to make various hues and designs, and completion is applied. 

Cork flooring is generally accessible in two sorts of finishes:

  1. polyurethane/acrylic-based
  2. water-based.

Polyurethane/acrylic finishes are somewhat harder and, consequently, will secure the deck better. Water-based finishes are all the more naturally inviting and less inclined to yellow with an introduction to light. Water-based completions are more costly than polyurethane/acrylic finishes.

Cork is a magnificent choice to add glamour yet functionality to space. Consider all other types of floorboards before you decide on one.