Ways to Remodel the Bathroom

Ways to Remodel the Bathroom

Remodelling the bathroom adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the bathroom giving you the luxurious look. If you are looking to remodel the entire you should note that it could be quite pricey depending on how far you want to take the remodelling.


First plan what kind of changes you want to bring to your bathroom, do you want to change the entire look of the bathroom or are you looking to only add a few changes like changing the tub or changing the bathroom sink faucet? Once you decide that you can look for inspiration online, visit the different websites to get some ideas for your bathroom and then you can contact a designer and discuss with them regarding your idea.

When writing down or drawing the plan think about your lifestyle, make note of what you need. For example, search for bathroom basins online. You can peacefully brush your teeth in the morning instead of having an elbow fight with your family member and if you are a person who uses a tub, you can consider an upgraded tub and etc.


Plan how much you are going to spend and write the estimate.

Install hidden tank toilet

Having a toilet with hidden water storage gives a nice look to the bathroom and at the same time it’s also space saving especially if you have a small bathroom. A hidden toilet with low flow also helps in saving water with every flush. These types of toilets give a modern appearance to the bathroom but the downside is that if there is any need to repair inside it’s a bit of a task to access inside.


When it comes to the flooring of the bathroom there are a variety of choices available and you can select one that you like the most, but you should pay special attention to the flooring in the shower area since there is a high chance of slipping it’s a good idea to go with textured and small tiles, the texture and the grouting will reduce the chance of slipping. Bathroom tiles usually are easy to clean and the grout that is used to hold the tiles are typically mould and humidity resistant.

Changing the drain pipe

Usually, the drain pipes are of the 1 and half or quarter inch diameter and this would clog easily especially if many are using the same shower. Installing a 2-inch diameter drain would make the bathroom drainage better.

Add a tub only if you need

Most people think that adding a tub is necessary but if you don’t have people using the tub installing it is not needed. You can create a shower area and separate that area with glass. But if you love having a bath then putting a modern tub is good, it also adds an appeal to the bathroom.

Add windows

Humidity in the bathroom can lead to mould formation having a window reduce this chance by providing proper ventilation.