The Right Way to Place A Rug

The Right Way to Place A Rug

Everyone has different tastes in interior design. Some go for a rustic look, while some houses create a mid-century interior.

So, if you are considering changing or revamping your interior, do it according to the house type. The interior design should go well with the existing elements in the room. Furthermore, it should also match the room style.

Interior designing is about placing the elements in the right position to highlight the space in an aesthetic manner. For instance, let us take the rug as our detail for interior designing.

Where to place your rugs?

Top of the mind, either in front of an entryway door or near the restroom door- fair enough. Though, the rugs are not limited to just soak and clean feet! They are also used to add a touch of elegance and style!

Why rugs and not carpets?

It is simple logic; both elements are used to adorn a space. However, the rugs are much easier to move around and clean in comparison to the large and bulky carpets.

Also, carpets are a huge investment, while one can change rugs easily and adapt to a new style. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to decorating a space suing a rug. Therefore, one should have an idea of these placements.

How to do rug placements?

Let’s begin from the bedroom- it is said; do not go too small in the bedroom. The bedroom rug placement should be large. If not, what is the point of a rug if you step out of bed; on cold tiles? Ideally, the soft rug should be wide enough to extend on both sides of the bed.

In a living room, the rug should hold all the pieces of furniture. Meaning, it is ideal for you to place your enormous rug in the centre. Moreover, it should be long enough to extend to at least hold the front legs of the upholstery fittings. It is alright if the backend legs are off the rug,

Similarly, in the dining room, the rug should be adequate to whole the whole dining set. That said to check the position, pull the chairs out, and it should still be on the carpet.

The key rules

The main keynote here is the placement of the rug should have equal space on all sides. Uneven alignments will utterly make your setting look ugly and unprofessional. Hence, remember to leave the same floor distance on each side.

Another typical mistake an individual makes; they think of rugs as the smaller sized ones. Therefore, they begin decorating the room with those small rugs- that make a mare impact.  However, go big, go wise. Indeed, it could be expensive, but the bigger ones are the type of rugs that will create a sophisticated outlook.

Furthermore, another mandatory aspect to keep in mind; to cover the heavy traffic area entirely. For instance, a person having one foot on the rug and another on the floor is simply uncomfortable. Hence, it only denotes poor planning.