Most Common Plumbing Issues at Home

Most Common Plumbing Issues at Home

Plumbing issues are the most common problem experienced by homeowners. From clogged toilets, drains, and leaky faucets, plumbing problems actually come in a variety of forms. If left unrepaired for a while, these issues can escalate and even cause damage to other parts of the home.

If you’re the kind of homeowner who loves DIY home repairs, fixing plumbing issues might just be a simple task for you. However, there are some problems that require the skills and tools of a professional to be done effectively. Read along to learn more about the common plumbing issues and how to fix them.

Clogged Sink

If the sink is draining slow or not at all, there is something that blocks the drain pipe below it. Blockages are common in drains and can be caused by different factors – grease, food remains, soap, hair, and many more. A plumber’s snake and a clog remover can be used to solve this. However, if it happens repeatedly, there might be a more serious clog deep down in the pipes. Call an expert blocked drain plumber in Brisbane or anywhere near you to fix the problem.

Leaking Faucets

It is normal for faucets to become leaky after a long time because of the regular wear it gets day by day. However, if it might also be caused by other reasons such as a faulty washer. It’s easy to fix this problem. All you have to do is replace the worn parts inside the faucet or get a new one if it’s already worn out.

Clogged Toilet

Another common plumbing problem is a clogged toilet. It is commonly caused by toilet paper blocking the pipes or human waste getting stuck and blocking the normal flow. The first tool you could use to deal with clogged toilet is a plunger. However, if it is a little hard, you might want to try a sewer snake or a toilet clog solution to remove the clog. If it’s still not fixed, you could hire a professional plumber to find where the clog is and effectively remove it.

Defective Water Heater

A warm shower is just so relaxing after a long day. However, when the water suddenly turns cold, that is one big sign that your water heater is broken. There are several reasons for this. It can be caused by sediment build-up in the tank, faulty thermostat, and many more. You could call on a professional plumber to diagnose and fix the problem right at the root of it. You’ll be able to enjoy those warm showers you’ve always loved.

Leaking Pipes

Another common plumbing problem that causes damage to other parts of your home is leaking pipes. Most likely, they do happen at the pipe joints when the sealant wears off. You could reapply fillings or tape around the leaking spot but it won’t fix it permanently. Replacing the pipes or pipe fittings are the best way if you want it to last long.

There’s nothing wrong with DIY home repair as long as you know what to do. But if you’re not sure how to fix something, it is always best to hire a professional and leave the rest to them.