Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Windows

Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Windows

Most homeowners would agree that they get tired easily of how their homes look. They are on a constant lookout on how they could rearrange the furniture or what DIY project they could do on a long weekend or what part of their home they could renovate because they have some extra money saved.

No matter what ideas they come up with, it still involves allocating a part of their budget on home improvement. If you are also a homeowner who wanted to do something this weekend that would dazzle and wow your guests the next time you have one but is a little short on cash, why not start small and spruce up your windows?

You might think that decorating your windows would not make much of a difference as compared to buying new furniture or painting the wall a new colour. On the contrary, it would make a significant impact since how you dress up your windows would generally affect the ambiance in the room.

Hang Up an Old or New Sheet as Curtains

If you don’t have the money yet to buy new curtains and you are tired of seeing the same ones, you could repurpose your old sheets and hang them as curtains. Or if you are out shopping and new curtains are out of your budget, scour some new sheets you could use as curtains instead. Buy plain ones and mix and match. Or you could purchase one in a rich colour which you could hang with a sheer curtain to give off that glamorous and luxurious vibe.

Invest in Blinds

There’s always been a debate whether which one is more practical, curtains or blinds. Both have their own merit and both also have their shortcomings. The answer to this disagreement lies on the homeowner’s preference but if you are one of those who think blinds would give off a corporate, industrial look to your home, you are mistaken.

There are Jim’s blinds that are designed for residential use. Not only do they give off that homey vibe, they also project an aura of staying in a resort or a 5-star luxury hotel making you think you are on a vacation. Blinds are also perfect in the living room because with just a tug of a string or a push of a button, you instantly fill the room with natural lighting.

Stained Glass

You might roll your eyes at this and think you are renovating your home not some chapel or church. But stained glass in residential properties has always been popular because they could be the focal point of every room. You don’t need to have any wall art hanging because the stained glass in your windows are considered already to be a piece of art.

When it comes to sprucing your windows, you need not be rich. All you need is a bit of creativity. Visit your local dollar store or favourite second-hand shops. You’d be surprised when inspiration suddenly strikes.