How To Make a Room Look Larger?

How To Make a Room Look Larger?

We all love spacious living, whether it be a bedroom or living room, space is one of those things that allow us to feel free and comfortable in the place we live. However, we are all aware that space can be quite a problem these days, with studio apartments and the cost of land being so high people are subjected to work with the space they can for their homes.

But space is merely a perspective what you might consider crowded living could be another person definition of spread out. Either way when it comes to making space there are a few foolproof methods that can help making a space look and feel larger than it is. Here are some of them

Lightly painted walls

Light colours reflect light hence why white clothes are ideal to wear when it is hot, the space theory applies when considering the colour of your walls. Lightly coloured walls help enhance the space of a room making it appear larger and more spacious.

Darker colours can crowd a room and make it look smaller in contrast. No matter the space a white or light-coloured wall helps bring in light making the space look airy. It also is easy and pleasant on the eye. However, if you like colour on your walls you can try adding in one wall of contrast while having the rest in plain light colours. 

Minimal furniture

A small space should not have heavy furniture. If you are thinking heavy is equivalent to older furniture then you may be wrong. It is completely acceptable to have older or antique pieces of furniture that do not look large or heavy. It will have to be tastefully selected to ensure that whatever your interior plan is, it complements the space. If you have a small room, you can decorate it with small, dainty and intricate furniture instead of large pieces that take space.

Open windows and door

One major space killer is heavy doors and windows. This applies to any space and can affect how the space of the room is perceived. When you have too many small windows or door a room can look crowded and heavy. However, if you have a garden or balcony that your space is opening up to glass sliding doors can be an excellent alternative.

The glass gives a sense of expanse and extends the space. It appears lighter than having wooden doors which look heavy. The frames for the doors are made with special material that blends into your walls so that it does not stand out. This has become a favourable and popular alternative for many when designing their homes.

Organizing furniture

Just like choosing the right furniture, organizing it is important too. Choosing the right layout that best maximizes the space can help how the room looks. The best is to try out different layouts until you find one that fits well within the space by being not only practical but also pleasant to look at.