How to Keep an Organized Kitchen

How to Keep an Organized Kitchen

Your kitchen may look clean and beautiful yet still needs more organization. You’ll know that your kitchen space needs some arranging and organizing when you can’t find anything that easily when you need them, you’re get double ingredients because you didn’t know there’s still some in your pantry, or it simply looks disorganized.

Some people think that you need a bigger kitchen space to keep it organized but that is not really necessary. With the right storage solutions, proper sorting and de-cluttering your kitchen will surely be more organized and functional. Here are some tips that could help you maintain that functionally organized kitchen.

De-clutter and Sort

As a start, pull out everything you have in your kitchen and start de-cluttering by throwing out those junk that we’re kept on storage unknowingly. After de-cluttering, sort all the items that you have. Keep those things that are still functional and those ones that you still need. If an item isn’t really that useful for you yet still can be used, you can donate or sell it out to someone who might want it. That way, you can have more kitchen space freed for other essential stuffs.

Group Storage into Zones

This technique is practically helpful to those who can’t easily find the things they’re looking for while moving around the kitchen. After de-cluttering and sorting, set up your kitchen storage into zones based on their purpose.

For instance, the cooking storage zone should be set near the stove and must contain cooking items such as pans, cutting board, measuring cups, mixing ladle, and all other similar items. You can place miscellaneous items under the sink such as extra garbage bags and cleaning supplies. It all depends on how you use and move around the kitchen.

Proper Positioning

After sorting and grouping items into the right zones, the next thing you need to do is to place them at their right positions. For instance, you can place items that you frequently use where they can be seen easily such as on eye level. This makes them easier to locate especially when you’re busy preparing in the kitchen.

You can place the other things that aren’t used a lot on higher or lower levels depending on your choice. For pantry items, it is easy to locate and identify which one you need when you unload them on clear and sealed containers rather than leaving them in their boxes. To make it easier, you can use pantry labels on those containers to avoid confusion especially when the ingredients look similar to each other.

Add More Storage

Kitchen storage doesn’t only refer to your shelves, cupboards or drawers. You may add more storage solutions if you want to have more spaces to keep your kitchen stuff. You can maximize space by being creative such as adding corner shelves, hanging racks, and other storage styles that fit your kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen organized is not about the space – it is all about storage and how you maintain them.