Choose the Right Kitchen Splashback for Your Kitchen

Choose the Right Kitchen Splashback for Your Kitchen

Designing the interior of your kitchen is as important as the designing and decoration of other parts of the house. Just like the rest of your house, a bad choice can ruin its appearance and a good design choice can help it achieve the perfect look you are looking for. This is why when it comes to choosing the right material for kitchen splashbacks, you have to choose the type that would fit in perfectwith the rest of the kitchen décor. Take a look at the following types to see what will suit your kitchen the best.


Tiles is one of the choices that offer you many different designs, sizes and colours. If you want to add a little bit ofa unique look to your house, you can choose from different styles of tiles such as geometric tiles, subway tiles or even glass metro tiles. You can choose any colour you want and match it with the rest of the colours and textures that are used in the kitchen. Tiles also give you the chance to experiment with unique and vibrant colours instead of the everyday neutral colours.

Stainless Steel

Although the common belief is that stainless steel is not as posh as the rest of the materials, this is the perfect style for you if you prefer minimalist, industrial look. Stainless steel is making a comeback as one of the best materials to be used as splashbacks as you can use it for a long time and do not have to worry about replacing it soon. You also can opt for reflective stainless-steel panels that gives a sleek, modern touch to your kitchen.


Want to give your kitchen a modern and luxurious look? Then this is the choice for you. Stone slabs are natural but classy and will fit perfectly in both traditionally styled and modern kitchens. There are different types of stone slabs you can choose including marble, Corian and Caesarstone. Ring your favourite local store to visit the showroom or book a home consultation and you can choose the best stone type that will suit your space.


Glass is one of the unique and uncommon materials that can be used as a kitchen splashback. If you are looking for designs that no one else uses, you can get custom glass panels that would add a little bit of individuality too. You can also choose something like mirrors. Mirrors are a perfect design element that can be used to ensure that you get enough light due to its reflective qualities.


Want to try an another totally different and unique style? Then choose mosaic. If you feel like tiles are now a little old fashioned or if you are dissatisfied with the other options, then why not try mosaic tiles? Mosaic splashbacks can be installed in any way you want and with any pattern too. Instead of going for perfect and sleek straight lines, you even have the option of using curved lines and unusual shapes. This is ideal if you don’t want a sleek kitchen but a funkier and playful look.

Although splashbacks come in different styles, it is time to consider a little fewer common style when designing your kitchen. This will help your kitchen to have the perfect finishing; unique and aesthetic.