Childproof Your Backyard Pool with These Steps

Childproof Your Backyard Pool with These Steps

Having a backyard pool is definitely a great addition to your property. Aside from adding value to your property, it also makes your home more welcoming to guests since you have an extra spot where you could receive and entertain them. However, while pools are a lot of fun, you need to take extra measures to keep it safe especially from children. To help you out, here are the essential pool safety measures to childproof your backyard pool.

Install Pool Fences and Barriers

Pool fences and barriers are the first line of defence in making your pool safe. The policies that regulate this safety measure is dictated by state rules, depending on where you’re from. To avoid violations and issues, you should follow these regulations in making your pool barriers especially the recommended dimensions. If you have a backyard pool, whatever happens in it is your responsibility that’s why it is important to have barriers to keep uninvited ones from getting into the water without you noticing.

Your pool fence should be high enough and doesn’t have gaps where kids could get through. It should also be free from anything a child can climb or step on to get over the barrier. Aside from following pool fence guidelines, you should also keep it well maintained to be sure that it works on its optimum performance every day. Hire a professional team to conduct pool barrier inspections in your pool.

Keep the Entryways Secure

Even when you have secured the whole perimeter of the pool with barriers, there will always be an entryway to get into the pool area. Be sure to install a secondary layer of safety by adding security devices on these entryways. There are plenty to choose from such as lever locks and doorknob covers. You may also add gate alarms to get a signal when the pool gate is opened. There are also in-water motion detectors that sound an alarm when there is a disturbance or motion in the pool water. All of these helps keep the little ones safe around your pool.

Install Drain Covers

Pool drains can create a strong suction when it is open. This suction is dangerous not just on children but for adults as well, even on good swimmers as well. When a person gets sucked underwater into the pool drain, they could get trapped in there when the suction is strong. Simply being trapped in the drain is enough to cause physical injuries to that person.

Worse, one could even die from that situation especially when no one noticed what happened. Being sucked underwater for a longer time can cause the victim to drown eventually if not pulled out immediately. State laws require those who have pools to install safety drain covers to avoid strong underwater suction from forming and prevent sucking and trapping people into the pool drain.

While supervised swimming is a basic when there are kids around, having extra safety measures while having fun in the pool really helps a lot.