Adding In Boho Design Vibes to Your Room

Adding In Boho Design Vibes to Your Room

Not everyone chooses to keep their room contemporary and all-white. Where as many others opt for more colours, more textures and lovely accents in order to transform their room into more of a haven space and fulfilled one. Boho textures often use elements that help bring positive energy into the room, be it a simplistic bohemian look or an all-out kind of one.

The wild patterns that run through a normal bohemian look can help in creating wonderful focal points in your bedroom. Your bedroom is a space you spend majority of your time in and it’s important to ensure that it gives a warm and inviting look to all those who enter. Keep reading as we run through a bunch of ways that you can transform your room from plain old boring to rich boho.

Add in various textures

One of the best things about a boho room is the variety of textures it uses in order to bring forth a vibe and feeling. Whether your hang a tapestry, layer your bedroom furniture or even add baskets, Turkish or Persian rugs, upholstery and more, you choose to achieve textures in so many ways. One of the preferred elements in a boho room is the dream catchers and their positive energy. Check this out for dream catcher options!

Don’t keep it minimal

Have you ever heard of such a thing as maximalism? While minimalism was once trending, maximalism is on top of the chart now. This kind of space often has prints and colours clashing with more elements present in the room. However, if maximalism isn’t your go-to style, you can always dial it down a notch and still have a good boho theme going on.

More rustic less monochrome

While you can include a rustic boho vibe into a monochrome bedroom, you need to dip more towards the rustic side and less towards the monochrome side in order to have a more balanced and prominent sense of boho vibes going on in your room. From wooden furniture to neutral toned colours, you can express the bohemian flair without a doubt.

A little bit tropical

Yes, you heard that right, you can add in tropical vibes to a bohemian look in your bedroom. Be it by adding in natural plants in certain corners or keeping tropical printed accents through the room, it can add an extra sense of calmness and breeze in your room. You can never go wrong with bringing in a bit of nature to your bedroom.

Or a little bit coastal

If you’re less of a tropical and green nature kind of person and more into blue ocean vibes, you can go ahead and incorporate that into your boho theme as well! A rustic and coastal bohemian room holds a pop of colour against simplistic background. It’s calm, inviting and creates the perfect boho space for a sense of extra positivity.

Let us know which of the above boho theme you would love to add into your bedroom!