A Step-by-Step Guide on Pantry Organization

A Step-by-Step Guide on Pantry Organization

There is no doubt that owning a pantry with a proper storage system provides a great deal of advantages. For starters, not only does it get a neater and more structured look, but it also makes reaching out to your ingredients a lot more flexible, especially due to the fact that everything would be within hand’s reach.

However, giving your pantry the transformation, it needs doesn’t happen overnight. It requires smart planning and efforts. Keep reading as we mention the steps you need to take in order to achieve an aesthetic and organized pantry.

Step 1: It’s decluttering time

While this is definitely not the fun part, it’s still the first and foremost step that you need to make in order to organize your pantry. Decluttering can often be a hectic process, it the most helpful part. Decluttering your pantry includes pulling everything out and getting rid of items that are no longer useful r or items that are expired. Toss the items out into the recycle, trash or charity bin accordingly.

Step 2: Plan your storage system              

Once you have rid the excess stored items in your pantry, your next step is to visualize and plan the storage system you’re seeking to accomplish. Going through inspirational posts and understanding your space better is important to help you understand what you need vs. what you want. Make sure you measure your space in order to get storage bins, baskets, etc. that fit right in order to organise your pantry properly.

Step 3: Jot down the shopping list

Having completed the above two steps, you need to take inventory for each; one for the grocery shopping and the other for the storage plan. As for the grocery, make sure you buy what’s needed in the close future in order to avoid letting it collect once again. Select your storage facilities wisely by purchasing good quality products that are more reliable as well as durable. 

Step 4: Categorize your items

After receiving everything you require, the next step is to categorize your pantry items, including the ones you purchased off the grocery store. This is a crucial step in order to help you keep your pantry organized and systematic. Keeping the same and similar items together creates a sense of uniform in your pantry, allowing you easy access as well.

Step 5: Start the labelling process

Ensuring the items are categorized helps you a great deal with this step. Labelling your products increase easy accessibility. This process is especially important on opaque containers as it is harder to know what is inside. Having labels on your containers, bins and baskets can increase the aesthetic look within your pantry.

Step 6: Re-organize your pantry

The final step is for you to replace and re-organize your pantry with your newly categorized and labelled items. While maintaining it can be challenging the key is to ensure you receive proper compliance from all family members.

Make a habit to declutter often in order to keep a healthy maintenance of your newly organized pantry.