5 Reasons Why Carpets Should Be Cleaned Frequently

5 Reasons Why Carpets Should Be Cleaned Frequently

Carpets are one of the most used items in a household. But do we know what really hides within the fibres of the material? Carpets can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can cause fevers, allergies and other sicknesses.

Whether you are a single person living in an apartment building faraway from street dust and dirt or a mother switching between your kids, a dog and household chores, your carpet will still have bacteria and dirt that require cleaning every so often. Below are 6 reasons why carpets should be cleaned frequently regardless of how clean it looks.

Indoor Air Quality Is Compromised

Un-cleaned carpets are a huge contributor to unhealthy and polluted air within a space. Carpets trap pollutants compromising air quality. Walking on carpets with shoes trap dust and can easily be filtered through the air, that is then inhaled causing allergies and respiratory sicknesses. Four out of ten people have confirmed that they haven’t got their carpets professionally cleaned.

Children Are at High Risk

Children play, walk and even roll on carpets, the dust trapped in carpets have a severe effect on children’s nasal and respiratory passages causing frequent allergies and low immunity. Vacuuming a carpet at least twice a week can kill up to 40% of germs and bacteria and is highly recommended.

This is especially necessary in countries that have extreme weather changes. If you are looking for carpet cleaner Canberra has well-known cleaners who specialize in cleaning homes and is recommended if you have kids.

Dust Mites

An ounce of dust is said to carry 40,000 dust mites, so you can just imagine how many dust mites are currently breeding on the carpet you are standing on. Frequently steam vacuuming carpets or any other surface that easily catches dust is highly recommended as the surface can be agitated increasing the pollutant in the air, the steam combats this.  

Home to Mould, Fungus and Infections

Rather than the top of a carpet that gets cleaned, the under of it is where mould and fungus spread as it provides the perfect environment and temperature. The toxins are directly related to asthma in children and even some older adults who have weaker respiratory systems. Hence getting carpets professionally cleaned are crucial to stop the spread of the bacteria that in the long term can cause severe illnesses.


Newer carpets contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are another contributor to asthma. Harsh chemicals used at the time of manufacture still present within the fibres of the carpet can be toxic when inhaled. The combination of these chemicals and dust cause higher air pollution. Steam vacuuming or getting carpets cleaned professionally, strip these chemicals off the surface of the material. 

Even though we do not realize it, dusty and dirty carpets do more damage than we assume. Frequent cleaning regardless of use is important to maintain the condition of the material and the air quality around you.