Café Things: A List of Ways to Enhance Your Menu Display

Café Things: A List of Ways to Enhance Your Menu Display

While the process of opening a café can certainly be a hectic one, it can also be a fun and creative journey. When it comes to cafes, the aesthetics are everything! In this article we’ve listen a bunch of ways you can enhance the display of your menu at your café so as to give your process a boost of idea!

Play around with the fonts

Designing a menu may not always be easy as it may seem. From knowing how short or long to keep the phrase, to which font to use, and its size to the position of phrase in the board. It would always be a good idea to create a rule and follow along, so that the perfect font which you envisioned can be achieved. As choosing a font can either make or break the image you tried to achieve.

Play around with the right colours

Another aspect to consider when designing your menu is the colour. The colour plays a huge role in bringing out the menu and enhance the look of it. By identifying your style, it will become easier to choose the colour for your menu, as a harsh colour is more likely would make the customer want to look away. It is also important to think about the ways to make the menu stand out and the colour to compliment the menu.

Lighting is everything

It has become quite evident has to how important lightening is in creating visibility for the customers to be able to read the menu or to be able to observe their surroundings. For instance, a gooseneck lighting would be one of the perfect aesthetic lightning to own.

It is curved providing a sophisticated look to the shop while simultaneously making the menu stand out. Find out more about gooseneck lights, to be able to create the unique elegant, vintage look to draw people to your menu.

Decide on adding pictures or not

It can be a tricky situation when deciding whether to add pictures or not to the menu. However, there are various aspect to consider when deciding to do so. This could stretch from the cost involved in understanding which food item is likely to be popular or whether the picture is the same as the food, as the picture quality may not meet up to the standards.

Keep your options limited

The obstacle that many restaurants face, the limit of options of food displayed in the menu. It is not always easy to pin point which food to display on the menu, as every food seems like the one! However, not everyone loves reading a crowded board. In such case it would be best to see what the customers would want, as the less there is to read the more likely they would take time to make the right choice. Less to read more to choose.

Last but not the least, make sure that your text is quite readable.