Where To Get Cardboard Boxes Brisbane

August 2, 2017

Everyone needs Cardboard Boxes Brisbane when they are moving. It is the place where we can store our things when we are packing and getting ready for the move. Moving your belongings requires that you use sturdy boxes that can handle weight and being bounced around in a truck. Cardboard Boxes Brisbane are very useful yet sometimes it is very expensive and some are hard to find.

If you are currently looking for Cardboard Boxes Brisbane and is having a hard time finding one, this article may be the answer to your agony! Free Cardboard Boxes Brisbane are everywhere waiting to be used by you. Not only will using free boxes will save you money, you are also helping the environment by reusing boxes instead of purchasing new ones.

Some Places To Get Free Cardboard Boxes Brisbane

Office Supply Store

Your office has a lot of boxes since office supplies need to be shipped in sturdy boxes. Your office will most like not use these boxes so you might want to ask for the boxes that contained your office’s printer/copier or the books the were sent to you. These boxes are perfect for everything from pots, and pans to books and DVDs for you to store. Some of these boxes even have lids so you only need minimal tapes to secure it.


Bookstores are definitely one of the places you should look for because they have a lot of boxes just sitting in their storage room. Most bookstores get a shipment in once or twice a week. If you live in a major city, chances are those shipments come more regularly. Ask around bookstores near you for free cardboard boxes.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have a lot of boxes. Prior to your move, ask your local grocery for boxes that they are not using. You can have variety of boxes from small boxes to large ones. Banana and apple boxes are great because they are solid, but they do have gaps to allow fruit to breath so be careful about what you pack in them.

Cardboard Boxes Brisbane are one of the most important pieces in your entire moving process because this is where you will store and pack all you belongings, well of course only the ones that would fit in it. House Packers Brisbane provides the best moving service and we have high quality packing supplies. Visit us online today!

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