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October 29, 2014

Professional Packaging Brisbane has become popular in the moving industry. For movers, it may be new for them, especially for a newbie mover. So instead of choosing a better service with a company that offers a flat rate, they still choose a non-flat rate service because of lack of knowledge regarding flat rate moving. Brisbane Home Packers is a leading moving company that offers professional packaging Brisbane and we have been in the relocation industry for two decades. We are also one of the best flat rate movers in Brisbane. And because we care about our customers, we are going to tell you the advantages of our service, the benefits of hiring professional packaging Brisbane flat rate movers.

First of all, a flat rate moving company is a relocation company that offers an all-inclusive one-rate move. In simpler terms, flat rate means that you will be given one-price; no extra charges, no hidden fees, during your relocation process.

Brisbane Home Packers: The best Flat Rate Movers in the City! , professional packaging brisbane

Professional Packaging Brisbane Advantages and Flat-Rates:

Strengthens trust between customer and company

  • The main and original concept of flat rate moving started to eliminate questionable and doubtful pricing of the moving company.

No extra or hidden charges, meaning no budget problems

  • You would not have trouble with extra or hidden charges and you would have no problem with your budget. The initial price will be the price to pay after the service.

Much more efficient

  • Though it has a higher initial cost, flat rate moving is more efficient than regular moving. Since regular moving costs per hour or per distance, some companies take a longer time or route when moving as this will add to the cost. For flat rates, movers will not go on longer time or route since the pay is the same and do not depend on time or distance.

More services, same rate

  • Other companies separate the payment for packing services and others. For Flat rate movers, most of their services are on a package deal.

For more tips in budgeting a move, check out our video below:

When it comes to Professional Packaging Brisbane and Flat Rate Movers, Brisbane Home Packers is the leading company. We do moving easy and fast, with a very great quality. If you want a cheaper, more efficient and yet same quality service, then Brisbane Home Packers, Professional Packaging Brisbane and Flat Rate Movers is the moving company you need.

Professional Packaging Brisbane

After finding a house you will move to, the next step you would do in moving is packing all of your things. This would start by gathering packing supplies. These supplies can be easily purchased from any office supply store and online stores. They’re also sold at some mail service stores and professional packaging Brisbane retailers.

Professional Packaging Brisbane tips in picking and using packing supplies:

  • Choose Good Moving Boxes

It’s not a bad thing to recycle but most of the time, recycled boxes, such as those from groceries, are not strong enough to hold your items throughout a move. This is most especially the case for furniture and long distance moves. You should also need the right sizes of the box because your things won’t fit, obviously, in boxes too small and they are prone to damage when in a box too big.

Buying directly from office supplies stores and box companies would make these problems easily solved.

  • Limit Newspapers

Be careful in using newspapers for wrapping your stuffs. The ink may transfer and stain which is surely not a good thing for some of your prized possessions. You can buy new, plain and clean butcher or wrapping papers instead. You can also use thin foam sheers or good paper towels for your stuffs that needs less protection and bubble wraps for your valuables and breakables.

  • Buy lots and lots of tapes

You shouldn’t underestimate the amount of tape you will need for packing. The boxes alone need securing from top to bottom with the use of tapes.

  • Glass and Dish Packs are Useful

Glass and dish packs are specialized and are very fit for their purpose: securing breakable glasses and dishes. Buy these boxes most preferably with dividers and foam pockets or fabric-based making your breakables safer and your packing a lot faster and easier.

  • Use Shrink Wraps

Shrink wraps are great for wrapping appliances such as cabinets, desks and dressers. It can also keep your doors and drawers shut throughout the move. They are very easy to wrap around and remove after use making it among the favorite supplies for packing and unpacking service.

Below are some other Professional Packaging Brisbane Supplies:

With so much packing supplies available everywhere, it’s just right for you to take time to research and choose what are right and fit for your packing and unpacking service.

Newbie movers always forget the importance of quality packing, some of them just think that packing is only to be able to transfer household items or office supplies. Actually, packing the items is also a way to protect them from possible accidents that may cause harm especially to your valluables. Sometimes, you might even require Professional Packaging Brisbane services for items that are too complicated to pack.

Professional Packaging Brisbane | Importance of Quality

Professional Packaging Brisbane Service providers offers quality packing materials as well as services. They can help you to pack your valuables especially the breakables like heirlooms and even smal appliances. So when you need packing help, call the best packers, Brisbane Home Packers.

Brisbane Home Packers are one of the best moving companies in Brisbane, provider of quality moving and packing with affordable and competitive rates. From our experience, we have seen poor packing that caused troubles to movers, that’s why we are going to share to you the importance of quality packing.

Professional Packaging Brisbane ‘s Importance of Quality Packing

Safety of Valuables

  • Like we said earlier, your items need protection from unexpected and inevitable harm. Quality packing means that you have to include packing peanuts or wraps t protect your things. If you just keep putting things on the box without covers or padding, then once it fell, your item will be damaged due to lack of protection.

Convenience when Carrying

  • Quality Packing doesn’t only mean protecting your things. Quality packing also refers to proper packing and the proper packing is to put the heavy weight items into small boxes and the light weight objects in bigger cartons. This will provide convenience when carrying and to avoid injuries as well.

Easy Packing is Easy Unpacking

  • When you pack with good quality, it also comes with labeling. Putting a label on your packages will make an easier unpacking process. If there are notes about where the boxes should be placed, what it contains and if it needs special care, then you and the hire Movers will know where to place the items and if the package needs special care.

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Professional Packaging Brisbane | More Tips!

We are going to give more tips about moving and professional Packaging Brisbane . We here at House Packers Brisbane care about our customers that is why we always share great tips to help them ease the stress and difficulty of their move. As we proceed to perform great customer services, we never forget to share our experiences to be able to help the movers who are having a very tight budget.

Professional Packaging Brisbane Tips for a Cost Efficient Move:

The Things you can Sell

Appliances – Some of your appliances may be getting old and bringing them with you to your new home will only add to the cost of your move. See also if your appliances can fit in your new home and if they are still useful to you. If they don’t fit or aren’t useful, then selling them is a good idea. If you were able to sell them, you can use the earned money to buy a new one that can be more useful for you.

Toys – You may have old toys from your kids that are now grown up. You can sell these toys instead of bringing them. They will only require more boxes and another addition to your packages which will also add to the cost of the move.

Old Clothes – You can also sell old clothes that you are not using or if you’re feeling generous, you can donate them to charities. If you to save from buying bubble wraps or packing peanuts, use your old clothes as an alternative or substitute for wrapping materials. They can be effective when wrapping breakables.

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