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January 29, 2015

Professional Movers Brisbane is an award winning, moving and delivery company with headquarters right here in Brisbane. Our company specializes in providing local and long distance moving services for families and businesses. We operate in the moving industry by creating a company wide culture that demonstrates a caring and long term relationship with our clients. We have team of experts providing quick, cost-effective, and safe transport of your belongings from one place to another.

Our goal is to assist you through your relocation process in a seamless and hassle free manner with our professional movers Brisbane. With our services, you are rest assured that we will accompany you until you are moved in to your new home. We will make sure that our company will exceed your expectation as we give you the best of our services.

Tips in finding professional movers Brisbane:

  • Initial screening:

Call or visit the company’s website and check if their terms and conditions fit you. Check out if they demand large deposit before the move. Also, ask for the company’s licensing and insurance.

  • Get Recommendations:

Ask your local real estate agents, co-workers, and friends about reliable and professional moving companies near you.

  • Ask for estimate:

A professional mover will want to inspect your stuffs and give you a thorough and comprehensive quote; most of these services should be free. Remember, when asking for an estimate; be sure to give precise information about your relocation. You can also make an inventory of everything you want to be moved and give a copy to your moving company.

  • Get details:

Read carefully on the terms and conditions of protecting your belongings. Check out on who will be responsible for everything such as packing and unpacking?

Professional Movers Brisbane are experienced enough to handle your relocation needs.  Whether it is your first move or you nth time, we are always happy to serve you. Our professional movers are well trained, and is always looking to deliver a stress free moving to our customers.

Brisbane’s Best Long Distance Movers , Professional Movers Brisbane

There are lots of company movers out there these days, but not all professional movers Brisbane agree to long distance moving. Travelling a very long distance could be a real pain since it can be very expensive and due to the long travel, your things could break or be destroyed, especially the fragile ones. Trust is also an issue in moving a high quantity of stuff over a long period of time. The people you hire could be unprofessional and untrustworthy. So before you hire and chose a company that will hold and move your stuff.

Professional movers Brisbane pointers to take note of:

–          Moving quotes.

  • Make sure to check the quotes of each company you try to hire. Professional Movers Brisbane are very competitive, and although their prices may differ within a reasonable range, some companies may offer an estimated price which is way below than the others but have a trick under their sleeve. So before you hire a mover, make sure to examine the basis of their estimate before accepting it.

–          License and Insurance.

  • No matter how you try to be careful, sometimes it is inevitable for accidents to happen. If the company you hired has insufficient insurance, this would put your property in danger since it is not properly insured against damage or theft.

–          Money Deposit.

  • If a moving company immediately asks for a large money deposit before moving, you should instantly examine the company since it may be a scam. Legit moving companies do not immediately ask for payment because they have your properties and valuables which serve as collateral.

–          Ask Questions.

  • It won’t hurt to ask questions. Spend some time and communicate with each moving company, this will help you understand and trust them. If they give you their precious time, then it is a good sign. Some companies do not give detailed information to their customers which then lead to scam. It is also very important to ask about the moving quote, estimate and the services paid, especially if there are things you do not understand. Do not be shy or afraid to ask, it’s your right to know.

–          Company History.

  • This is another important factor you should consider before you hire a moving company. Check if there are complaints about the company. Look at the reviews and comments to know if they are reliable.

Not sure what services we offer as professional movers Brisbane , check out our video below:

Brisbane Home Packers understands the needs and demands of our customers for professional movers Brisbane . That’s why we are the best long distance movers in Brisbane. We serve you with care.

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