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February 16, 2017

Are you a piano owner? Whether you perform beautiful music on the instrument daily or let it collect dust in a corner, you definitely don’t want to leave your piano behind or see it damaged during transit. If you’re planning a short- or long-distance move, you’re likely to run into a few obstacles with your plans if you own a piano. The smartest way to do is to hire a Professional Piano Movers Brisbane.

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when it comes to moving your piano—don’t assume you can just roll it from one place to the next without endangering it. Piano movers Brisbane should be the only one allowed to transfer a piano to a different place to secure its safety.

Piano Movers Brisbane ‘s Tips to Moving a Piano

Piano movers Brisbane


Know your piano

Your piano is almost certainly the largest and most complex mechanical device in your home. A standard piano has 230 strings and about 10,000 separate moving parts. This is why tuning a piano can be such an involved process. An experienced team of four or five movers should be able to transport the instrument safely. Moving a grand piano, however, can require making sweeping changes to the property or even lifting the instrument through a large window using a crane.

Hire professionals

Do consult with professional piano movers beforehand. Even if you feel like you cannot afford their services, the quote may bring important considerations to your attention.

Safety first!

Cover the piano in non-slip blankets, folding the edges beneath the instrument and securing them with moving cords to protect its finish. Don’t leave the lid unlocked—a bumpy ride or mistake can damage the instrument’s ivory keys. Never try to leverage the weight of the instrument in one direction or another. Tipping the instrument over a set of stairs, for example, can put stress on the instrument’s midsection and permanently warp its frame.

Secure the piano

Secure the packed piano in the truck during loading. Almost any movement in the truck during transport can result in a damaged instrument, including damage that isn’t immediately visible. We know you don’t want that so secure the piano.

Whether it is a short or long distance piano move, always hire House Packers Brisbane for the best Piano Movers Brisbane. Contact us now!

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