Packers and Movers Brisbane | Different Types of Moving Boxes

December 12, 2017

Moving boxes are the most basic equipment used by packers and movers Brisbane. This is to help make moving easier and more efficient. They hold together your items to make transportation not exceed more trips than necessary. The continuous use of the boxes gave ideas to those who regularly use them to pack and move items. One design of box might not be enough to make sure your items are properly packed. That’s why there are now different types of moving boxes for packers and movers Brisbane. They greatly contribute to the successful packing and moving of your items.

Types of Moving Boxes Used by Packers and Movers Brisbane


Small Boxes (1.5 cubic ft.)

These boxes are meant for the heavier items, such as books, records, canned goods, small appliances, etc. Basically, this type of box can support items that will accumulate tons of weight when grouped together. That’s why smaller and sturdier boxes were made to properly hold these items.

Medium Boxes (3 cubic ft.)

Medium boxes are designed to hold lighter items, which can be grouped together without the worry that it will become too heavy. Items like toys, kitchen utensils, and lamps are the items usually packed in these boxes. You can put them together in a one medium-sized box without worrying about the box disassembling.

Large Boxes (4.5 cubic ft.)

Lightweight items are usually placed inside the larger boxes. These items include pillows, blankets, clothing, and curtains. If you have noticed by now, the larger the box, the lighter the contents are. That’s because putting heavier items inside a large box will make it much more difficult to control what might happen. It will always be recommended to pack the heavier items inside a smaller box, so that you could control how weight will be distributed.

Wardrobe Boxes

There are clothes that easily get wrinkled such as dresses, polo shirts, satin, and more. Folding them to pack is inevitable, but is it really?

There is a new box design made to simulate the insides of a wardrobe, thus its name.  You can simply pack your clothes while they’re still in their hangers. It can save you the time for packing, and reduce the worry of your clothes getting wrinkled.

Corrugated Boxes

Moving boxes is also used to pack your fragile items. To prevent them from breaking or cracking, a special kind of box was created. This kind of box has a double wall construction to give your breakables the extra cushion they would need.

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