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August 22, 2016

Keeping handy things during your move might just save you from big troubles like unpacking packages just looking for something. But if you have prepared well and kept a few things with you during the travel, then you can leave your worries and have a good moving experience. Of course, if you have a lot of things to do, hiring professional Movers Brisbane is your best choice for your move.

Here’s Professional Movers Brisbane ‘s Things to keep Handy

Movers Brisbane

Packing Kit

  • A packing kit should include packing tapes, scissors, markers and extra boxes. This can be used if you forget to pack something or if your packages are damaged and needs to be transferred to another box. You can place these items in your car during the move so you can easily grab what you need during an emergency.


  • The toiletries will be used once you need to make stop especially during a long distance move. You might also not be able to finish unpacking your things when you arrive in your new home and it will be handy having a separate pack of toiletries that you can easily get when needed.

Set of Utensils

  • You also have to prepare a set of utensils so that you have something to use when you are going to eat anywhere, even in your car during the travel. And the same with the toiletries, you can also easily get utensils that you need on your first nigh in your new home without unpacking most of your stuff.

Pet Stuff

  • If you have pets, you also have to make sure to provide their needs especially during the travel or they might get stressed. If you had a checkup and your vet gave you prescriptions, you should bring it with you. Bring also your pet’s favorite toys, food bowl and snacks.


  • You should also bring your own medicines or at least the prescription so that you can buy in the nearest drugstores if you need them. If you have children, do the same. Keep the medicine in a transparent container and keep it with you.

Gadgets or Devices

  • Bringing mobile phones, laptops or other devices will help remove the boredom if you have company during the travel. If you are moving alone, it would also help to bring gadgets and devices in case you want to have a break. This will help take your mind off of stress.

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