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March 26, 2015

Why would you need house removal Brisbane unpacking services when you can do the unpacking yourself? Well, unpacking may sound easy but actually, it is not. After relocation, you may find yourself very tired, stressed, and wanting to just lie down and rest. Careless unpacking could lead to loss or damage of items and valuables and even cause you an injury. Also, after relocation, you may have very low energy and you would be wasting time and effort if you cannot do the unpacking properly. Although it may seem simple, an expert and professional are still required to do a safe and quality unpacking.

Unpacking does not only mean you have to get your stuff out of their boxes as you might need to organize them too on your new home. With these works, unpacking could be the longest part of your relocation. Though it usually requires the help and assistance of experts and professional to do a fast and good unpacking and home organizing, you can still do these chores by following the right guidelines.

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As house removal Brisbane, we know how stressful relocation is. And we want to help our customers in any way we can, so to make unpacking easier for you.

House removal Brisbane guidelines you can follow:

During unloading your packages, immediately assist the staff to the room where each package belongs too. These would help unloading and unpacking to be easier and more organized. If you have a list of your packages and boxes then use this to check your packages. It would also be helpful if you labeled your boxes when you were packing.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the new home you have, so as soon as you have your packages, create a sketch design and plans for you home decoration. You can use this when you are organizing you home, this will be your basis to make everything faster.

Make your home comfortable as you may live here for a long time. The secret to staying in one place is to love the place and make sure that you are comfortable staying in it. So when you have arrived at your new home, take time to roam around, enjoy your surrounding and plan how you are going to make it perfect for you.


House Removals Brisbane | Beating the Stress!

House Removal Brisbane is considered as one of the most stressful moments in life due to the many tasks and expenses. However, with professional help from Brisbane Home Packers, you can cross out moving in you “Most Stressful Moments in Life” list.

Brisbane Home Packers is truly a trusted company as we have helped many people with their House Removal Brisbane and all our clients were happy with our services. As the leading removals, we here at Brisbane Home Packers put our customers on first priority, giving them the best customer service experience they will ever have. Also, our mission is to be the number one house removals and in order to be successful with that mission, we do our best to train hard, and do our research to be fit and always prepared for the moving process and to be updated about the technological equipment that can help us move without stress.

House Removal Brisbane ‘s Ways to Beat the Stress during Removals:

8 Weeks before the move:

  • Start de-cluttering, this may be difficult but it is very important to make the moving process easier later on.
  • Prepare your packing and moving supplies. Start collecting boxes, old newspapers and other supplies that you will need.
  • Get quotes from different moving companies.
  • Check the moving companies if they have license and insurance and choose which company to hire.

6 Weeks before the move:

  • Notify family members and friends about the move.
  • If you are buying new equipment and furniture for your new home, tell them about the date that you want the furniture be delivered.

4 Weeks before the move:

  • Begin disassembling the furniture to be moved and start packing some goods that are not essential.
  • Clear out other rooms like the garage.

2 Weeks before the move:

  • Confirm the details of the move with your chosen House Removals Brisbane provider.
  • Pack other things, leaving the essential ones for you to use, only to be packed a week before the move.
  • Arrange your mails to be redirected in your new address.

The Day before the Move:

  • Make sure that you have packed all your things, from essentials to your important files and necessary tools and equipment.

Now that you know how to beat the stress, you can now move with ease and with the help of professional House Removals Brisbane moving will be fun and more exciting rather than stressful.

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During House Removal Brisbane ,  you can either make or break your moving journey. An unsuccessful packing and unpacking job can lead to failed relocation. Proper and expert packing and unpacking from a trusted moving company such as House Packers Brisbane can protect all your valuables and belongings making your moving journey a successful one.

House Packers Brisbane provides a complete range of packing and unpacking service to any of your relocation needs either large, small, far or near home and office removals. The company has a complete team of professional packers and movers to assist in house removal Brisbane and give a moving experience that you seek.

The company is proud that they have catered to different moving needs of their customers for the past years. You can have several options on what services to avail according to your time table and budget.

House removal Brisbane packing tips:

  • Never over pack and make sure those heavy items are packed in smaller moving boxes.
  • Sort out items and belongings that you will not use anymore.
  • Always pack on a room by room basis to prevent mixing things from different rooms.
  • All you boxes should be sealed with a sturdy packing tape. Never interlock the box’s tops remember that everything will be lifted and carried.
  • Your essential box serves as your first aid kit during your first few days. So ensure that the box is easily recognized during the unloading of boxes. It’s actually the first box that you have to open upon moving in.

You can check our video below for more tips in moving at ease:

House Removals Brisbane makes sure that all your goods arrive to its destination on time. All your items are taken out and checked before they are finally arranged and fixed to its proper places. We make sure that you know where your stuff is placed before we leave. Moreover, the inventory list is checked vis-à-vis your things moved in to ensure that nothing is lost or misplaced during transit.

The packing and unpacking service provided to you is dependent on your specifications. The moving company is flexible enough to match and provide your moving needs. For example, you can choose to ask the company to pack and unpack few of your boxes leaving all others to you. You can always ask for services that are based on your needs and allotted budget.

For assistance in House Removals Brisbane , trust only House Packers Brisbane! Contact us at 0433 265 933!

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