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July 24, 2014

House Packers Brisbane offers the best packing boxes Brisbane . As one of the finest moving companies based in Brisbane, we cater to all customers from individuals to big commercial offices. We are committed and passionate about our industry and you are rest assured that there’s no big or small job for us. All we want is to move you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

House Packers Brisbane: Packing Boxes Brisbane

Packing boxes Brisbane should be of quality and durable enough to protect all your items. Also, we are happy to do the complete packing and unpacking of all your belongings. Our packing team were with us for a long time and you can be confident that they will move your things like their own through our durable packing boxes Brisbane.

Effective moving with packing boxes Brisbane tips :

  • Ensure that you have complete packing materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, packing tapes, newspapers, etc.
  • Planning is crucial to the success of your moving, hence, make sure that you are proactive and you are able to monitor your daily progress. Employ synergy with your family members by giving tasks to everyone involved in your moving.
  • Sort out your items and plan for a garage sale at least three months earlier. Use social media to inform about your upcoming garage sale to get higher returns.
  • Check out nearby charity organizations or recycling centres where you can donate some of your items that you don’t use anymore. Remember that it is always best to start fresh and clean in your new home destination.
  • If you lack time to do all the dirty works involved in your home removals, you can request your moving company to do it for you. This is best so that you can have enough time and space to work out other important matters related to your relocation.

House Packers Brisbane is a family owned company operating for more than ten years now with quality packing boxes Brisbane. Our track record guarantees that you get the moving services you deserve. We are very pleased to exceed the expectations of all our customers by giving them hassle and stress-free moving.

Before packing your things and bringing them to your new home, take note that there are certain things that should not be included in the packing boxes Brisbane . There are things that may be hazardous or even illegal at some terms when packed. For starters, most of the things that should not be packed should be flammable, combustible or explosive. It may sound easy, but when you are already packing, you might forget about these things and could include them in your pack.

Packing Boxes Brisbane | Things that Shouldn’t be Packed

Brisbane Home Packers is a professional packers and movers and also suppliers of high quality Packing Boxes Brisbane . We have lots of experience with packing and moving that we know which things should not be packed. Before moving, professional movers inspect the boxes or the checklist of items and check for hazardous materials that should not be included in that Packing Boxes Brisbane . When you need to move these certain items, you have to make a special arrangement with the movers.

Hazardous things that shouldn’t be in your Packing Boxes Brisbane :


Guns and Ammunitions


Cleansers with Bleach or Ammonia


Lighter Fluid

Nail Polish Remover

Oil or Gas (any sort in bottles or tanks)

Paint Cans

Pesticides and Poisons


Fire Extinguishers


These hazardous materials will not be moved by the movers. You have to find a way to get them to your new home. Other than hazardous materials, some movers and packers might not also include perishable food and plants.

Common perishables are things like:

Frozen or refrigerated food

Open food items


Fresh Herbs


The reason for not including these items is because they may attract bugs, rats and other pests that could damage your properties. Like the hazardous items, you might have to find another way to move them to your new home.

Brisbane Home Packers is one of the best movers and providers of Packing Boxes Brisbane , the best moving partner you’ll ever get. Moving is already tough, so there’s no point in making everything even more complicated than they already are by bringing hazardous materials and perishable things. Even if you did your best to pack these things, it would still be better to be safe than be sorry at the end of the day.

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