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July 29, 2014

House Packers Brisbane is the best piano mover Brisbane. We know that items such as your piano is very important, hence, needs special care when moving.

As the best and most reliable piano mover Brisbane , we guarantee that your piano will reach its destination safe and secured. Pianos are expensive and valuable that damage and breakage during transit is not acceptable.

Tips from Piano Mover Brisbane on moving your piano effectively:

  • Ask for help.

  • Do not sacrifice your piano by moving it yourself. Definitely, you need help and assistance in moving your heavy and fragile piano.
  • Always use the right equipment.

  • You can rent or buy heavy duty straps that can secure your piano. You can also use a furniture dolly to support the weight of your piano.  For the security of your piano, you can fully rely to House Packer’s Brisbane services because we use the right tools and apply the best strategies in moving furniture such as pianos.
  • Protect the keyboard lid.

  • Ensure to close and lock the keyboard lid during shifting to prevent the piano from opening. The piano keys are very sensitive and fragile, hence, ensure that it’s protected by locking the keyboard lid or by safely wrapping it.
  • Wrap the piano carefully with blankets or padding.
  • Ask your moving company to lift your piano for you.

  • Lifting the piano and positioning it in the moving truck needs technical expertise, hence, make sure that professionals will do this for you.  This will ensure that your piano will be properly secured inside the truck.
  • Before unpacking your piano to your new home, ensure that you know exactly where it will stand. It is highly recommended that this will stand against a wall. Also ensure that it is protected from the cold and damp.

House Packers Brisbane has moved pianos for many years now hence they are the best piano mover Brisbane . We know that pianos are not just expensive but carries a very high sentimental value by its owners. This is why our piano movers Brisbane always moves these items as if it’s their own. You are guaranteed that your piano will reach its destination safe, secured and well protected.

House Packers: The Safe Furniture and Piano Movers in Brisbane

Home relocation is tough. We say that a lot. But what makes this tougher are the huge pieces of furniture that we have. Piano is one of the stuff that makes relocation more difficult than it already is. It is not simple and easy handling these types of furniture and items from our home. They need to be handled with special care, the right care that only professional and experts can do, and it requires more than one or two experts to appropriately move these furniture. Sometimes we need to have assistance from the professional furniture and piano movers Brisbane for a safe and easy relocation.

Brisbane Home Packers is full of professional and expertly trained staff of piano movers Brisbane and removalists. They are trained to handle different sizes of furniture and items, safely and fast. They are also experienced in moving since they have been in the relocation industry for a long time. And when it comes to equipment and transportation, Home Packers Brisbane has the most advanced relocation tools and equipment and thoroughly meticulous Transportation. Their vehicles have been proven to perform greatly even while carrying heavy furniture and travelling long distance.

Because we want to help our customers and clients, we are going to share some of our strategies in moving piano and furniture. This is for those who cannot afford to hire relocation companies and instead want to do the moving process themselves.

 Tips for becoming Safe Furniture and Piano Movers Brisbane :


Teamwork is very important in most activities. When it comes to relocation, teamwork also plays a vital role. Working together will make the process of moving easier and faster, and if you have more professional assistance on your side, then the safer your furniture and piano will be.

Right Tools and Equipment

With the right tools and equipment, furniture and any other stuff is safer. For example, when using straps or furniture dolly, make sure that these tools can are durable and heavy duty. If they are not the appropriate tool, then it may cause damage or broken furniture and even your piano.


Another trick in an easier and faster moving process is dismantling your furniture. But before you dismantle your furniture, make sure that you know how to assemble it to its original for.

If you are not confident about doing the move on your own, check our video below to see what moving services we can offer:

House Packers Brisbane is the best furniture and piano mover Brisbane . Other than high quality and advanced technological tools, we trained our staff on how to handle different type of furniture carefully, and even dismantling and reassembling furniture.

House Packers Brisbane offers professional piano movers Brisbane for a safe and easy relocation. Contact us at 0433 265 933!

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