House Cleaning Brisbane | Effective Cleaning Hacks

January 28, 2016

If there are a lot of things to be cleaned in your home, the only solution is to hire House Cleaning Brisbane . But still, there are few things that are not included in the professional cleaners services. Not all can be handled by the cleaners and there are things that are left for you to do. So even before the cleaners arrive, you should have already taken a few steps in making the cleaning process easier.

Brisbane Home Packers is a leading removal services and House Cleaning Brisbane Provider . We may be well known for providing great removals services, but we also have experts when it comes to house cleaning.

During our years in the industry, we have seen home owners having difficulty with some of the things while cleaning especially if there are problems. That is why we collected hacks that will absolutely solve House Cleaning Brisbane Problems in no time.

House Cleaning Brisbane | Effective Cleaning Hacks

 House Cleaning Brisbane Effective Cleaning Hacks

For Clothing Stains

  • Hack: Use a clean white cloth then soak it into a beaten egg yolk. Apply the wet cloth in to the stain and wait for a while. While waiting, prepare a warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Rinse the stained cloth with the warm water solution.

Refrigerator’s Bad Odor

  • Hack: Pour a little vanilla on a piece of cloth and place it in the refrigerator. Leave it for a moment. If this does not work, clean the inside of the refrigerator with lemon extract using a cloth. After that, rinse it with clean water.

Sofa Cleaning

  • Hack: Baking soda can be used as a great solution in cleaning your sofa.

More House Cleaning Brisbane Hacks:

  • Use tapes to pick up crumbs.
  • Use Vinegar to clean Microwave ovens.
  • For the wooden cabinets, use vegetable oil and baking soda, then scrub with a tooth brush.
  • Use razor to remove paint stains on clothing.
  • Remove scratches on leather sofas with shoe polish.
  • Grease stains on clothes? Use Chalk.
  • For Stained carpet, a microfiber cloth with alcohol will do the job.
  • Use water and vinegar solution for burnt pans. Boil the solution, remove the pan from the stove and add baking soda. This will clean the pan.
  • Oil stains on your garage? Use Coca Cola!
  • For glass and mirrors, combine vinegar with cornstarch and warm water. Spray to the glass then wipe with newspaper.


House Cleaning Brisbane | Your Way vs. The Pro's Way

When you’re busy, there are times that you don’t have time to clean your house and you’d end up with House Cleaning Brisbane Services . But if you don’t like their way of cleaning, you’ll end up complaining and doing the cleaning yourself. But, what is the difference between your way of cleaning vs. the professional House Cleaning Brisbane ‘s way?

It is quite a challenge to maintain the cleanliness of a house but a clean house is a safer place to live in and has a germ-free environment. When the house gets a dirty, you would have to clean it and instead of hiring professional House Cleaning Brisbane , you do the cleaning yourself. So, you have saved from more expenses and you are satisfied with your clean home. But are you sure that your home is now germ-free?

That’s the difference between your way of cleaning and the way of professional’s cleaning. Even though you are satisfied with your clean, you are still not sure if it is absolutely 100% germ free.

Differences on Your Way of Cleaning vs. Professional House Cleaning Brisbane ‘s Way


Your Way

  • You may think that hiring professional will be expensive, but what’s more expensive is buying the inappropriate cleaning chemicals and equipment. If you are not sure which type of product is best suitable for your home, then you might end up buying a bunch of solutions which will cost you more.

The Pro’s Way

  • If you hired professionals, the only expense you’ll be paying is the service fee. And since they are professionals, they have the right type of solutions and equipment that is best to clean your home. You wouldn’t also need to buy cleaning equipment because the professional House Cleaning Brisbane have their own equipment.

Cleaning Solutions and Equipment

Your Way

  • Without experience and knowledge in cleaning, you may not know the right type and product of solutions. Some solutions may have high chemical which can be dangerous if not properly used. Without proper research on the type of product, you” just spending more money on an unnecessary solution.

The Pro’s Way

  • With their experience and knowledge, they will immediately know what type of product they would need for a better cleaning. They would also know which solutions have the higher chemical and which are the safe-to-use ones.

The Cleaning

Your Way

  • If you decide to undertake the cleaning, you may not be able to clean all the areas in your home specially the ones that are in corners or in tight spaces. If you’re going to clean these parts, you would need to buy a new type of cleaning toll just to reach these areas. And for the higher areas, you might get injured if you do not know what you are doing.

The Pro’s Way

  • Having Professional House Cleaning Brisbane to do the cleaning for you will guarantee a cleaner home. They have the right equipment to reach the tight and unreachable spaces and they have the right experiences to know what they are doing which will help them avoid getting injured.

Have you decided whether to do the House Cleaning Brisbane your way or the Pro’s Way?

If you need House Cleaning Brisbane help with professional cleaners, Brisbane Home Packers will be happy to help you! Call us now at 0433265933!

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