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September 18, 2014

For more than two decades, House Packers Brisbane is one of the dominating home removalists Brisbane companies. We understand that every move is as exclusive as our different types of clients.  We understand how stressing it is to relocate that is why we are here to cater to your moving needs, whether you may be moving in a new house across town or moving to another country.

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Selling your home seems exciting but in reality is more on the pestering side as buying a new one especially if you need to do it quickly.  You don’t want someone else you get ahead of you in buying the new house you’ve fallen in love with, so follow this quick advices from the best house removalists Brisbane to maximize the chances of a quick sale.

Advice from the Best Home Removalists Brisbane:

 1.       First Impression Counts

 You yourself won’t be buying a house with a weedy garden, a lawn that is not mowed, uneven window paints, broken fences or gates and with bins all over.  As much as we like the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, tidying up the exterior of your house makes a big difference in enticing a potential buyer to push through with the purchase. You should fix all the creaky windows and floors, wobbly staircases, and other odd flaws in your home to complete the tidying.

2.       De-clutter

Even if your house has exquisite designs, if it is messy then its value can be lessened since potential buyers would be distracted with the untidiness. Throw out the unwanted stuff, put them away in a storage room or give it to charity to be more productive. Keep in mind that potential buyers would also look into the wardrobes and cupboards since they would want to know if there would be enough room for their belongings as well, so keep them clean and neat.

3.       De-customize  

 Potential buyers will imagine themselves living in your home, so you must put away your remnants like family photographs on walls, children’s height measurements on the door, drawings on the wall, etc.

4.       Maximize Space

 Some buyers cannot visualize themselves if they are in a room with cluttered things, so it is better to clean up or better yet remove the furniture and items in the room.

5.       Offer Insights

Describe the local area, like the pubs and establishments near the area, transit areas and the like because this also affects the potential client’s decision in buying the house.

So if you’re ready to sell your home and move your things, the best Home Removalists Brisbane, House Packers Brisbane is here to help!

House Packers Brisbane is a family owned home removalists Brisbane company that has been serving all over Brisbane for over twenty years now. The success of the company is highly linked with their competent, experienced and friendly moving team. House Packers Brisbane is determined to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Get a Free Quote now!

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