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January 23, 2015

You are moving into a new home. That’s very exciting! Yes, very exciting but at the same time, very tiring and very expensive. It may be exciting since you have new opportunities ahead of you, but are you ready to stress yourself before you move out? Well, that is not exactly necessary since we’re here to help you! You don’t have to do the physical labor, no need to worry about time, and save a lot of expenses. House Packers Brisbane, we are known as one of the best Flat Rate Movers in Brisbane.

Flat Rate Movers: Brisbane Removals Tips

Tips from Flat Rate Movers:

–          Make a schedule.

Cleaning your house and moving things step-by-step is a wise thing to do. You will be able to monitor your time while planning for your next activity and you can even have time to rest.

–          Turn on the music!

Give yourself motivation; stimulate the sleeping energy within you. Music helps you make the environment livelier. The livelier the environment is, the more fun it would be. And if it is fun, then it is stress-free. So what are you waiting for? Turn the music on!

–          Ready the Bins!

Here we are cleaning, throwing stuff we don’t need. Or are we sure we don’t need it anymore? It could be useful somehow. Moving to a new place does not necessarily mean you need new stuff too. Some of your things can be recycled; put them in the recycle bin, and for that non-recyclable trash? Trash bin. Plain and Simple.

–          Essential Box.

These are the items which have the most importance to you. Make sure to prepare them and have it all set. It will be the first things you’ll use when you move.

–          Labeling!

Make sure to label your boxes to avoid confusion. It makes things well organized, and easier to unpack too. It’s not that hard and it helps a lot.

Here are some other moving tips from Flat Rate Movers for an easier and quicker move:

There you have it movers. Our own Flat Rate Movers Tips. Just follow these tips and you’ll be smiling in your new place in no time! But if this doesn’t go well; maybe because you have lots of things to move, or just too tired and lazy to do these, don’t be shy and contact us: House Packers Brisbane: Flat Rate Movers . It would be our pleasure to lend you a hand. Now that’s what we call exciting!

flat rate movers

There are flat rate movers and there are hourly rate movers. For those who have experience in moving, the difference of those two are pretty obvious. For the new movers, hourly rate moving is charging the move every hour while flat rate has a fixed rate for the whole moving process. Brisbane Home Packers is one of the leading flat rate movers in Brisbane. As one of the trusted moving companies, we are going to share the advantages and disadvantages of having a flat rate moving partner.

Advantages and disadvantages of flat rate movers:


What makes flat rate movers the best choice for moving?

No Hidden Charges

  • One of the advantages of flat rate moving is that there are no hidden charges. As mentioned above, they have a fixed rate which reduces the stress of moving for the movers and you are also spared from the surprise moving expenses that aren’t in your financial budget.

Long Distance Moving

  • Flat rate moving partners are great for moving long distances and even the locations that are difficult to find. Since they do not charge per hour, the value of your payment is maximized. Also, if you hire hourly rate moving on a long distance relocation, then it would be a problem if there have been delays on the trip. Hourly rate movers also take their time, and it would add to the cost that you are paying.

For Big Furniture or Lots of Package

  • Flat Rate Movers are also a good option if you are moving big and complicated furniture to higher floors that do not fit the elevators. If you hire hourly rate movers, then it would take a long time to move and would cost you even more.

Faster Moving

  • Since they do not rate per hour, there is no use in making the move slow. Flat Rate Movers will be able to complete their tasks at a shorter time, giving you more time to focus on the more important tasks.


What makes flat rate movers a bad choice for moving?

Disassembling and Assembling

  • A problem with flat rate movers is that they do not help with assembling and disassembling furniture and other things. So before the moving day, make sure that you already disassemble your things.

A little Sloppy Work

  • Some unprofessional flat rate movers get a little sloppy at work especially that they know they do not get paid per hour so they do their tasks fast and sometimes, careless. Finishing the job fast and early can be a good thing for a few movers, but not with those who have delicate stuff.

More Processes before Moving

  • Sometimes, some movers prepare their things first and they would also ask you to inspect you things for the transport, which can eat up your time. You also have to wait a long time for the estimation or to get a moving quote. They would also check the distance, fuel, time and other things to be calculated. But remember that all this difficult processes in the beginning would be very beneficial to you since you will be able to save time, money and effort at the end of the moving process.

Brisbane Home Packers is the number 1 professional flat rate movers in Brisbane. So whether you are worries about your financial budget or you are going on long distance relocation, we are the perfect moving partner for you.

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