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June 25, 2014

As a Brisbane Moving Company , House packers Brisbane promotes careful loading and unloading of goods and proper packing of all your household items. Our expert professional movers are highly experienced in packing and unpacking using quality packing materials. We are also known all over Brisbane for our prompt and punctual delivery of agreed work outputs. Also, the safety and security of all your valuables during transit is guaranteed.

Brisbane Moving Company , House Packers Brisbane: Your Competent Moving Company

As a Brisbane Moving Company , House packers Brisbane is customer oriented and we aim to give you the customer satisfaction you deserve. Our staff members are approachable and always ready to help and assist you.  We are glad to move you anywhere in Sydney and we’re happy to be part of your moving adventure.  Say goodbye to a tormenting moving experience as we’ll definitely make your moving hassle and stress free.

Brisbane Moving Company Tips for professional home packers:

  • Know your needs

Search the best home packers you have to hire, make sure that you find someone that suits your needs.

  • Online reviews are helpful

Conduct your own background check about your chosen moving company.  Search through the internet and make sure to read what people say about them. Check out the feedback and track record of the company.

  • Get Quotes

Most moving companies offer free quotes in their websites. Hence, allot some time to  check at least three quotes so you can have a basis for comparison.

  • Inform your company about your things for moving

Ensure that your moving company is aware about your things for moving. It’s advisable that you prepare a list so that they can also have a good idea on the best way to move you.

  • Get Insurance

Ask your moving company if they offer insurance, if not, it is also best if you get one for your items most especially the fragile items.

  • Read your contract

Be responsible and ensure that you read your contract before signing. Ask questions if there are things mentioned in the contract that are not clear to you. In this way, misunderstanding is avoided and you get the smooth moving experience you deserve.

  • Check your inventory list vis-à-vis items delivered

Once you are moved in, be sure to check your inventory list together with the moving company staff to ensure that nothing is damaged or lost.

House packers Brisbane never fails to give fantastic moving experience to all its clients. We have been operating for several years now and we are a competent moving company that take pride for keeping our founding principles on honesty and quality services.

You can check out the video below to learn more about us and our services:

We know that moving can be stressful and that is why House Packers Brisbane, a Brisbane Moving Company , is at your service. We will assist you from the planning, packing, transporting, and re-assembling of your items. We are moving specialists who provides professional and efficient results. Our highly experienced team would handle your belongings with utmost care as they transport it briskly so your time would not be wasted.

Aside from moving, another hassling experience has to move temporarily for renovations but you don’t have to worry about that, because here at House Packers Brisbane , we value our client’s time as much as we value their belongings and their concerns as well.

Brisbane Moving Company FAQs when Moving Temporarily For Renovations:

1.       Why should I relocate while they are renovating my home?

 Renovation processes are noisy and messy during the day; fumes, dust, and other toxic substances may come in contact with you and may remain in the home even if the contractors are out for a non-working day, this could then pose as a health risk. Access to certain parts of the house may also be restricted for the safety of the individuals as the work is in progress. Utilities such as electricity and water may also be needed to be turned of in order for the contractors to work safely around cables and pipes.

2.       Where should I move for the temporary relocation?

 Whatever option you might consider and choose, make sure that your temporary location is within reasonable distance from your home, so you can always check on the renovation work with less time and fuss. When the renovation projects is more likely to take more than two months, you may consider renting another property like a flat, since you will just be staying there temporarily and you won’t be bringing all your stuff. Staying with friends or family is an economical solution, but be sure to settle agreements like whether you will be paying rent or not, or how long you might be staying to avoid unwanted complications. A bed and breakfast or a hotel may also be suitable if the renovation is only for a short while.

3.       How should I prepare?

Create a renovation timeline so that you can plan how long you will be staying in other location and so you could prepare what you might need. Discuss the plan with your builders to know if it is feasible and realistic. While you are planning the budget for your renovation, include your relocation expenses as well, such as paying of bills and travel expenses. Make sure your furniture is also moved to a safe place in your house, since dust sheets may not be enough to protect your furniture.  You may consider hiring a storage unit as it would be an easy and practical solution to prevent damages to your property.

Having your home renovated and having to move out temporarily may be daunting, but with the right preparation and by contacting the suitable moving company such as House Packers Brisbane , all would go smoothly.

For relocation services, no matter how minimal or large the help you may need contact House Packers Brisbane at 0433 265 933! Here at House Packers Brisbane , a Brisbane Moving Company, our customer satisfaction is of top priority.

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