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September 13, 2015

Moving is a stressful task that even those who have moving experience still require professional help when moving. Home or Office Removals, whichever relocation you are going is absolutely difficult especially if you’re new to the moving processes. There are lots of activities and tasks to be done and so little time we have, and our jobs and busy lifestyles make everything more difficult than it already is. The only solution to that problem is having a professional moving assistance from Brisbane leading moving company . Not all moving companies that exist can be trusted as some of the moving companies only take advantages on their clients and customers and does not provide the expected quality services. Luckily, the Brisbane leading moving company is here to help provide the quality services that our customers need. Brisbane Home Packers is a Brisbane leading moving company known for cheap and quality services.

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Movers and Packers Brisbane has worked in the moving industry for over two decades and our moving experience has given us more knowledge about the requirements of our clients, the tools for better moving and we even learned to understand other moving companies.

Our experience has truly helped us grow and now we are going to share a few ways on how you can choose a better moving partner.

Tips in choosing a Brisbane leading moving company :


  • If you are new to moving, it is wise to consult before you hire. You can ask information from your family and friends or you can browse the internet to know a few information about moving companies. With sufficient information about moving companies, you will be able to get the moving company that suits your needs.


  • Knowing the background of the company is like knowing what kind of services they would provide you with. If the past customers they served were truly satisfied with the services they provided, then you might as well receive the same satisfaction. Like consultation, you can check information about the company on the internet or you can ask your friends.


  • Having a license is important in businesses. Without a license, it would be hard for a customer to trust the moving company since may not have a good reputation.

If you are looking for a better moving partner, Brisbane Home Packers: Movers and Packers Brisbane is the perfect moving company for you.

Watch our video here about Professional Movers and Packers Brisbane:

Moving is one of the most exciting yet stressful experience that we can have. To avoid stress, we hire movers to help us with the moving process. But just one wrong mistake of choosing, we will end up with unprofessional movers that can ruin the entire relocation process. That is why we should always be careful when looking for a moving partner and we should always choose the Brisbane Leading Moving Company .

Hiring Unprofessional movers may lead to scam, lots of expenses, head aches and stress and even ruined items. Since they may not have or they may lack experience with an actual moving process, they would not know what they are doing which will lead to ruining your moving process. While if you hire Brisbane Leading Moving Company , the move will be guaranteed safe, smooth and stress free!

Brisbane Leading Moving Company | Pros vs. Unprofessional

If you are having trouble looking for a professional and reliable moving partner, then don’t worry, we are going to give you tips to identify the professional from the unprofessional movers.

Brisbane Leading Moving Company ‘s Professional vs. Unprofessional Movers

  • They Offer Competitive and reasonable rates. Estimates should have specific cost details.
  • Overpriced services.
  • They provide an In-Home or In-Office surveys with accurate quotes.
  • They do estimates through phone which causes inaccuracy.
  • They Provide Information about their staff and company.
  • The staff are unknown and they do not answer questions when asked about their company.
  • They are Insured and Licensed.
  • No insurance.
  • They have fully functional equipment.
  • Old and malfunctioned moving equipment.
  • They have well maintained vehicle / transportation.
  • No transportation or poorly maintained vehicle.
  • Approachable, polite and friendly.
  • Rude and Irresponsible.
  • They have fully functional website.
  • No website or poor website with no customer reviews.
  • They give their contact information and physical address.
  • No physical address.
  • The staff are well-trained.
  • Untrained movers.
  • They ask for payment when the move is over.
  • They hold your things as collateral before you pay, they demand an upfront payment.

You should always take your time when looking for a moving company to hire. Check the internet for customer reviews to see if the company can be trusted or not. The testimonials will reveal the quality of the services of the company and how they handle their complaints.

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Being a Brisbane Leading Moving Company, we at House Packers Brisbane are always available to serve you in your home or office relocation needs. We fully understand how moving can steal time and energy from you. Packing itself is stressful and carrying your whole home into a new place can give you butterflies in the stomach.

Brisbane Leading Moving Company : Your Best Friend in Moving

However, as a Brisbane leading moving company , we are always ready to step in as soon as you call for their services. For us in House Packers Brisbane, no job is too small or too big for us. We are flexible enough and we understand the basic principle of moving that everyone has unique and special needs. Our team of packing and moving specialist are highly trained and skillful for any of your moving needs. This is why we are a Brisbane Leading Moving Company .

Surely, you need to employ the services of highly reliable packing companies to lessen the stress of moving. Being a Brisbane leading moving company , you can have various service choices from packing your entire home to packing selected items only. So, before calling for a packing service, assess yourself on what you can do yourself and what should you request from our team.

Safe packing is important for a good move. If you choose to do some packing of your own, it is important that you should be familiar with the techniques that will best protect your belongings. Our company shares with you some packing tips that will provide you valuable information to assist you in this process.

 Brisbane leading moving company packing tips:

  • Plan on how you will pack things first and last. Ensure that you do advance packing for items that are seldom used.
  • Plan ahead and be proactive to avoid hassle.
  • Use enough amounts of paper or padding inside the box on the top and bottom to give good cushion to your boxes.
  • Label all your boxes. Don’t forget to put “fragile” on the boxes where breakable items are packed.
  • Do not mix breakables from non-breakables
  • Pack all boxes tightly
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom
  • Put items with liquid into sealable container
  • Use packing tapes to provide strong support to your boxes

Check out some of our other tips in moving in our video:

There are thousands of packing companies that you can choose from. But be careful in choosing one. Be sure that you only hire companies with experience, track record and commitment to service.

For assistance in all your moving needs , trust only House Packers Brisbane, a Brisbane Leading Moving Company ! Contact us at 0433 265 933 !

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